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Methoxychlor-Induced Atresia: DISCUSSION(2)


That is, we may have captured the follicles in the process of dying but prior to their complete death and removal. It is likely, however, that the increased atresia in MXC-treated wild-type mice will eventually lead to complete death/removal of antral follicles and thus a reduced number of antral follicles because previous work indicates that it is not possible to rescue atretic follicles in vivo or in vitro.

In our study, the levels of Bcl-2 protein were not affected by MXC treatment of CD-1 mice; nevertheless, Bcl-2 overexpression did confer some resistance to MXC because the Bcl-2 overexpressing mice had significantly more total antral follicles as well as healthy antral follicles than the MXC-treated wild-type mice. In addition, Bcl-2 overex-pressers treated with MXC did not have a greater percentage of atretic follicles than Bcl-2 overexpressers treated with sesame oil. We speculate that, after sustained MXC exposure, signaling pathways may be activated that result in an upregulation of Bax, thus leading to a change in the ratio of proapoptotic Bax to antiapoptotic Bcl-2, and that this may result in an increased likelihood of cell death. buy cheap allegra