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Activin A and Follistatin Regulate Developmental Competence: MATERIALS AND METHODS(4)

Experiment 3: Effects of a Combination of Activin A and Follistatin

Experiment 3 was conducted to determine the interaction of activin A and follistatin. At 20 h postinsemination, presumptive zygotes were randomly placed in microdrops of mSOF alone (control) and in mSOF containing 10 ng/ml activin A, 10 ng/ml follistatin, or both (10 ng/ml activin A + 10 ng/ml follistatin, 10 ng/ml activin A + 100 ng/ml follistatin). Embryos were cultured for up to 175 h postinsemination. The percentages of presumptive zygotes cleaved were determined at 48 h postinsemination and the percentages that developed to morulae and blastocysts were determined at 120 and 175 h postinsemination, respectively, under a stereomicroscope. Blastocysts that developed in each treatment were collected at 175 h postinsemination and their total number of cells was counted. In addition, morulae cultured in mSOF and in mSOF containing 10 ng/ ml activin A and/or 10 ng/ml follistatin until 120 h postinsemination were also collected and their total numbers of cells were counted. buy yasmin online

Experiment 4: Determination of the Developmental Stages of Embryos That Were Affected by Activin A or Follistatin

Experiment 4 was conducted to determine which developmental stages of embryos were affected by activin A and follistatin.