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Differentiation of Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells: MATERIALS AND METHODS(4)

The primary antibodies used were against SSEA-1, SSEA-3, SSEA-4, TRA-1-60, and TRA-1-81 (mouse monoclonal, kindly provided by Dr. Peter W. Andrews, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K.), Oct-4 (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, CA), a-fetoprotein (mouse monoclonal, 1:500; Sigma), cardiac troponin Read More

Differentiation of Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells: INTRODUCTION(2)

The directed differentiation of ES cells toward neural lineages has been studied in rodents, and several differentiation paradigms have emerged. For instance, ES cell aggregates cultured in medium containing retinoic acid undergo neuronal differentiation, and serum-free sequential culture with fibroblast Read More

Role and Gonadotrophic Regulation of X-Linked: DISCUSSION(6)

Previous studies from our laboratory have shown that FSH increases follicular transforming growth factor a secretion and that this theca-derived growth factor induces follicular growth in vitro. In this context, recent studies using a coculture of bovine ovarian granulosa and Read More

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