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Category: Human Trophoblast

Expression of Gt Cyclins: DISCUSSION(5)

Overexpression of E2F1 in myoblasts inhibited expression of differentiation-dependent genes; however, the actions of a hyperactive pRb mutant could override these effects, demonstrating regulation of differentiation via cyclin/Cdk inactivation of pRb. Our results demonstrate that differentiation of cytotrophoblast into syncytiotrophoblast Read More

Expression of Gt Cyclins: DISCUSSION(4)

Immunohistochemical analysis limited cyclin D1 im-munoreactivity to intravillous blood vessels and extravil-lous cytotrophoblasts, but D1 immunoreactivity was not expressed in villous trophoblast in second- and third-trimester placentae. Cyclin D2 protein was expressed in proliferating ED27 cells and to a lesser Read More

Expression of Gt Cyclins: DISCUSSION(3)

In most cell lines, p27KlP1 expression is primarily under posttranslational control, as mRNA levels typically remain constant while protein levels decrease throughout G, phase due to an increase in the rate of ubiquitin-targeted proteolytic breakdown. However, during terminal differentiation of Read More

Expression of Gt Cyclins: RESULTS(6)

Associated with decreased Cdk2 kinase activity is a decrease in the slower-migrating, hyperphosphorylated form of the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor gene product, pRb (Fig. 4c). Western blot analyses of lysates from 24-h cultures indicate the presence of both hyperphosphorylated and hypophosphorylated Read More

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