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Children With Asthma: Session 3

Children With Asthma: Session 3I. Review of asthma status and understanding of asthma
a. Discuss progress and problems
b. Play “Asthma Jeopardy” to review and reinforce the mastery of basic asthma facts by the parent(s) and child
II. Review progress in eliminating the child’s exposure to tobacco smoke
a. If participants were not at previous sessions, explain what cotinine is and what it means
b. Show “Secondhand Smoke Revised” video, and discuss the ideas with the family
c. Review the cotinine test results collected before the last session, and provide a copy of the result to parents to take home
d. Explain the relationship between the last cotinine results and the 4-day ETS exposure prior to the test, and compare it to previous cotinine results and exposures
e. Complete a new 4-day ETS exposure recall
f. As appropriate to circumstances, reinforce the efforts of the family, discuss barriers, role play, and/or offer to personally call other smokers to discuss ETS exposure reduction
g. Give California Department of Health Services “Take Charge” card with the telephone number for the California Smokers’ Helpline
III. Review the asthma action plan given to the parent(s) at the enrollment medical visit buy tavist online

a. Review the child’s action plan with the parent(s) (eg, how to recognize the symptoms of asthma in order to take the appropriate action)
IV. Encourage participation in asthma education classes
a. Give parent(s) a written announcement with the schedule of the next class series, along with the physician’s “education prescription”
V. Wrap up
a. Review all elements covered
b. Answer questions