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Comparison of Function of Commercially Available Pleural Drainage Units and Catheters: Accurate pressures

Comparison of Function of Commercially Available Pleural Drainage Units and Catheters: Accurate pressuresThe Atrium 3612 was the least accurate PDU, demonstrating a mean error of 15.5%, with this accuracy being different from all other PDU models tested at — 20 cm H2O. The Sentinel Seal was the most accurate PDU, with a mean error of 0.0%, notably with manufacturer instructions necessitating wall suction being set at full vacuum. Accuracy of the other units was variable, but all devices had a mean error of < 10%. The errors of all of the PDUs were in the positive direction (delivering less negative pressure than the PDU test value) except for the Thora-Seal III, which demonstrated a mean error of 0.8% in the direction of increased negative pressure from the test (PDU set) value. canadian family pharmacy

Regarding the question of the effects of full-vacuum vs manufacturer-directed external suction specifications at the PDU setting of — 20 cm H2O (within the same PDU model), several findings are noted (no data table provided). Most notable, full vacuum applied to any of these PDUs does not appear to create a clinically detrimental increase in negative pressure delivered to the patient. The Pleur-evac A-6000, Atrium Ocean 2002, and the Aqua-Seal produced similar accuracy (comparing same model PDUs to same model PDUs at the two different external suction settings). All other PDU models demonstrated statistically significant pressure accuracy error differences (but not likely clinically significant) between the two external suction settings (manufacturer-suggested wall suction setting vs full wall suction) in the negative direction (delivering more negative pressure than the PDU test value), with the Thora-Seal III being least accurate and producing a mean error of 27.0%. The next closest mean error is 8.7% by the Pleur-evac SAHARA. The Sentinel Seal was tested at all PDU-set negative suction pressures utilizing external suction source at full vacuum, as necessitated by manufacturer directions, and delivered very accurate pressures (see above).