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Comparison of Function of Commercially Available Pleural Drainage Units and Catheters: Lung and pericardium

Comparison of Function of Commercially Available Pleural Drainage Units and Catheters: Lung and pericardiumThis means that the device actually delivers on average — 16.9 cm H2O (— 20 cm H2O less — 20 cm H2O multiplied by 15.5%). This decrease in delivered negative pressure is likely of little clinical significance given the mean flow rate delivered by the device (20.3 L/min, Table 1) at the set PDU pressure of — 20 cm H2O.
Perhaps of more concern would be if the PDU delivered substantially greater negative pressure than indicated. Such elevated pressures theoretically could lead to damage to the underlying tissues including the lung and pericardium. The only device to deliver a negative pressure greater than the indicated PDU set pressure of — 20 cm H2O (Table 3) is the Thora-Seal III, with a mean increase of only 0.8% (a mean increase in negative pressure of 0.16 cm H2O). Accuracy of the other units at the set pressure of — 20 cm H2O was variable, with a mean error of < 10% (other than the Atrium 3612, see above) in the direction of delivering less negative pressure than the PDU test values. Therefore, on average, the delivered negative pressure is reduced by < 2 cm H2O of pressure at the set value of — 20 cm H2O (a delivered pressure — 18 cm H2O). These pressure inaccuracies are likely of little clinical significance. buy glucotrol online
Most concern for inappropriate negative pressure delivered to the pleural space might be expected when full-vacuum vs manufacturer-directed external suction specifications are used. Full vacuum does not appear to substantially adversely affect the delivered pressures when PDUs were tested at — 20 cm H2O settings (no data table). The Pleur-evac A-6000, Atrium Ocean 2002, and the Aqua-Seal produced similar accuracy (comparing same-model PDU to same-model PDU at the two different external suction settings). The Sentinel Seal was tested at all set negative suction levels at full vacuum, based on manufacturer directions, and delivered very accurate pressures.