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Cystic angiomatosis of the bone appearing as intrathoracic lung masses: DISCUSSION (2)

The typical course of CAB in patients without visceral involvement is relatively benign and compatible with a long life span. When there is both visceral and skeletal involvement, there may be a progressive course that can lead to an early death . Although there have been reports of cases of spontaneous regression, the majority of these patients had skeletal involvement only .

In the present patient, the clinical manifestations were minimal. The chronic cough that the patient complained of during her visit was thought to be due to cough-variant asthma — Buy Asthma Inhalers Online.

The radiographic abnormalities found in CAB are lytic, well-defined round or oval lesions of the medullary cavity with preserved cortex and sclerotic borders, little residual central trabeculation and no periosteal reaction . Sclerotic lesions, and mixed lytic and sclerotic lesions, have also been described, especially in older patients . CT and magnetic resonance imaging can be used to confirm the character of the lesions . The magnetic resonance imaging can characterize the lesions as endothelium-lined cysts, a characteristic that sometimes cannot be noted with CT .

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