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Effect of high dose inhaled acetic acid on airway responsiveness in Fischer rats (2)

Diagnosis of irritant-induced asthmais based on the exposure history, timing of onset of symptoms, demonstration of AHR and lack of previously documented respiratory disease. No specific investigations confirm the diagnosis; the diagnosis is tenuous and cannot be distinguished from the onset of nonirritant asthmain an individual patient, particularly if the exposure has been chronic or nonmassive without a single, unusually high exposure within 24 h of onset of symptoms. In addition, the majority of reported patients had smoked cigarettes, and underlying AHR could not be excluded. Therefore, controversy as to whether this syndrome exists except when strictly defined as RADS remains; the diagnosis can seldom be made with absolute certainty, even in patients suspected of having RADS, because pre-exposure assessment of lung function is generally absent. flovent inhaler

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