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Effect of high dose inhaled acetic acid on airway responsiveness in Fischer rats: ANIMALS AND METHODS (2)

Occupational asthma

The frequency response of the box was flat up to 10 Hz. A Fleisch number 0 pneumotachograph (PTG) (Fleisch, Lauzanne, Switzerland) coupled to a differential pressure transducer (MP-45; ±2 cm H2O, Validyne Corporation, California) was attached to the other end of the box to measure airflow. The ports connecting the box to the nebulizer and suction source were clamped during periods of data acquisition. An index of transpulmonary pressure,

Ptp = Pes – Pbox

where Pes is the esophageal pressure and Pbox is the pressure inside the box, was measured by connecting the esophageal catheter to one port of a differential pressure transducer (Omega Engineering, Inc, Model PX143; ±68 cm H2O). The other port of the transducer was connected to the box. The animal breathed spontaneously throughout the experiment. Analogue transpulmonary pressure and flow signals were conditioned by antialiasing filters and sampled at 200 Hz with an analogue to digital board (DT2801-A, Data Translation, Massachusettes) installed in a microcomputer. A commercial software (RHT-InfoDat Inc) was used. Volume was obtained by numerically integrating the flow signal. RL and El were derived by fitting the equation of motion by multiple linear regression. buy antibiotics online

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