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Effect of high dose inhaled acetic acid on airway responsiveness in Fischer rats: ANIMALS AND METHODS (3)

Aerosol generation: Aerosols were generated using a Hudson nebulizer (Model 1700, Hudson Oxygen Therapy, California) containing 3 mL of solution, which was driven by compressed air source at an airflow of 6 L/min (nebulizer output 0.17 mL/min). The nebulizer was connected to the plastic box. During aerosol delivery the PTG port of the plastic box was clamped, and the suction outlet vented to the room. A plastic hood was placed on the vent to prevent contamination of the room. Immediately following each aerosol exposure, the nebulizer port was clamped and the box was flushed by sucking room air through the PTG port. Mch challenge: Rats inhaled aerosols of normal saline and progressively doubling concentrations of Mch, each administered for 30 s. Mch concentrations ranged from 0.128 to 32mg/mL. The peak value of Rl was measured before and after inhalation of saline, and after each of the concentrations of Mch. Approximately 3 mins elapsed between the administration of each Mch concentration. The concentration of Mch required to double RL (EC200RL) was obtained by log interpolation. buy levaquin online

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