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Effect of high dose inhaled acetic acid on airway responsiveness in Fischer rats: DISCUSSION (3)

Occupational asthma

While it is clear that postchemical injury respiratory symptoms associated with AHR do occur, it is still unclear whether they always represent a de novo irritant-induced asthmatic state. Clinical irritant-induced asthma is probably a heterogeneous entity, including cases of previously undiagnosed asthma or nonasthmatic AHR, both of which may predispose the patient to the persistence of respiratory symptoms. Many patients in previous reports had a history of cigarette smoking; this may have been associated with underlying unrecognized airway disease or hyper-responsiveness. In addition, it is possible that cigarette smoke or other agents may act as cofactors with the high level irritant exposure in the induction of AHR. Other patients, similar to those described by Gautrin et al, may have sustained a mild form of fixed airway obstructive disease with AHR. birth control pills

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