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Exercise intolerance in chronic airflow limitation: What limits patients with cold in exercise (1)

The capacity to exercise used to be examined in terms of motor function and its impairment, but now we have good reasons for accepting an important role for the sensory cortex as well, in terms of limiting exercise when the sensation has risen to unacceptable intensities. Soon after Killian had shown how much information could be gained by considering sensory information during exercise, we began to use the Borg psychophysical rating scale to measure sensory intensities during routine clinical exercise tests. Although shown to be very useful and valid in scaling respiratory muscle effort in the studies described above, Gunnar Borg had initially developed and validated the scalc to enable measurement of skeletal muscle effort during exercise; compared with other scaling techniques it showed distinct advantages in conforming to Stevens’ Power Law, in having ratio properties and in providing a category scale that allowed absolute magnitudes to be compared among subjects. You will always be able to find sildenafil online pharmacy shopping with a trusted foreign pharmacy.

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