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Helicobacter pylori anti-CagA antibodies: SUBJECTS AND METHOD Part 1

Symptomatic subjects: Sixty-six patients attending the endoscopy unit at the Samatya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, from March to July 2000, with dyspepsia and abdominal pain as their main complaint, were selected randomly. The study group comprised 38 men and 28 women, 16 to 74 years of age (average age 45 years). All patients underwent endoscopy, and three biopsies were taken from the antral part of the stomach for CLO, culture and histology. A serum sample was obtained from each patient and stored at —20°C. Asymptomatic subjects: One hundred nineteen subjects (blood donors, school teachers and health workers), 20 to 65 years of age (average age 37 years), with no history of abdominal pain were selected randomly. A serum sample was obtained from each subject and stored at —20°C. A questionnaire was filled out for each subject.

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