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Immunohistochemical Profiling of Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(7)


A comparison between the patterns of protein expression seen in the germ cell subpopulations identified in the current study and the patterns of protein expression reported for CIS cells appears to provide further data relevant to determining the cells that contribute to the CIS population. In a series of studies, CIS cells have been shown to be immunopositive for CHK2, DAZL, PLAP, C-KIT, and VASA. A recent study also demonstrated that CIS cells im-munopositive for C-KIT also express OCT4. The authors suggested that the expression of OCT4 in the CIS population is consistent with the maintenance of pluripotent potential in this cell type. buy cheap allegra

The results obtained in the present study have demonstrated that the gonocyte population of fetal germ cells (population 1) (Table 3) are OCT4pos/C-KITpos/PLAPpos/CHK2pos, and this would be consistent with the idea that the CIS cell is the malignant counterpart of this germ cell population.

The MAGE-A4 has been detected in CIS cells and germ cell tumors; those authors reported that although MAGE-A4 could be detected in most tissue sections, only half the cells identified as CIS based on their morphology were MAGE-A4-positive.