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Loss of Nectin-2 at Sertoli-Spermatid: DISCUSSION(3)

The differentiating germ cells evade autoimmune recognition by translocating to the immune-privileged adlu-minal compartment, which is separated from the basal compartment by the Sertoli cell-maintained junctional complexes of the BTB. This translocation requires the concerted action of breaking the tight and adherens junctions apically and rejoining them basally of the migrating germ cell, without compromising the BTB. We report here that nectin-2 protein localizes between Sertoli cells near the base of the tubule (Fig. 5). yasmin pills

This is strikingly similar to expression patterns of occludin and claudin, two molecules implicated in the formation of tight junctions at the BTB. Given the interdependence of adherens and tight junctions, our findings of nectin-2 expression at basal ec-toplasmic specializations suggest a possible role of nectin-2 at adherens junctions of the BTB. In support of this theory, we also found expression of nectin-2 at apical junctions of the epididymal epithelium (Fig. 8), a site coinciding with the localization of the blood-epididymis barrier. How the loss of nectin-2 affects these junctional complexes and, thus, the BTB or the blood-epididymis barrier is the subject of further investigation.