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Monitoring during mechanical ventilation: MIXED VENOUS OXYGENATION (1)

To assess mixed venous PO2 (Pv O2), blood is obtained from the distal port of the pulmonary artery catheter. Normal P v O2 is 40 mmHg and is considered to be a global indication of the level of tissue oxygenation. However, it has also been demonstrated that normal or supranormal values of P v O2 can coexist with severe tissue hypoxia caused by arterial admixture, septicemia, hemorrhagic shock, congestive heart failure and febrile states. Further, Pv O2 reveals little about the oxygenation status of individual tissue beds. Factors affecting Pv O2 can be illustrated from the Fick equation:
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Monitoring during mechnical
where Q is perfusion, V O2 is oxygen consumption and CaO2-Cv O2 is the arteriovenous difference in blood oxygen concentration. The Fick equation can be rearranged to solve for C v O2:
Monitoring during mechnical

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