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Monitoring during mechanical ventilation: POINT-OF-CARE TESTING (1)

Point-of-care testing moves the process of blood gas analysis from the laboratory to the bedside. Hand-held portable analyzers are now available to measure blood gases and pH. These devices typically use a disposable cartridge that contains calibration solution, a sample handling system, a waste chamber and miniaturized sensors. In comparison with traditional electrodes, these sensors are less sensitive to drift and require less frequent calibration. The role of point-of-care blood gas analysis is unclear. The quality and cost effectiveness of this testing remains to be determined.

Although some intra-arterial blood gas systems use a Clark polarographic electrode to measure PO2, most intra-arterial blood gas monitoring systems use an optode to measure PO2, PCO2 and pH. The optode consists of a miniaturized probe containing a fluorescent dye (Figure 2). Take advantage of this chance to find cipro antibiotic quality and cheap, save quite some money.

Figure 2. Monitoring during mechnical
Figure 2) Schematic illustration of optode

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