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My Canadian Pharmacy About Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

Chronic Obstructive Lung DiseaseChronic cough may be not just a cough of a smoker. Smoking and secondhand smoking sooner or later lead to chronic obstructive lung disease appearance. This disorder is dangerous because it damages the normal way of breathing.

Really speaking the statistical data of COLD appearance is left much to be desired. More than 3 million people die because of chronic obstructive lung disease. In each sixth case people die exactly having the diagnosis – chronic obstructive lung disease. In the majority of cases low-income people have problems of such a character. They do not have enough money to be treated by well-qualified drugs that’s why My Canadian Pharmacy starts its activity to provide all people without any exceptions at all with drugs of high quality but of low price.

Chronic obstructive lung disease is observed as a complex of diseases including chronic obstructive bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. Lung injury leads to the movement disorder of air flow, its distortion and emergence of new functionally trivial areas.

Symptoms of COLD

The main symptoms of COLD are considered to be:

  • chronic cough with sputum discharge
  • dyspnea

In the majority of cases dyspnea leads to the limitation of physical activity. COLD is a chronic and incurable disease but the treatment in sanatorium-resort conditions may be effective and prolong the life of the patient. Moreover you may command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy Inc and make an order of drugs effective in treatment of this disorder. It is obligatory after the appearance of the first symptoms to be examined by the doctor and work out together with him the treatment plan to overcome the severe form of this disorder.

Treatment of COLD

Speleotherapy plays the main role in COLD treatment. Saturated with aeroions air of salt caves has the calmful, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory action. It influences favourably on lungs, decreases dyspnea, allows to achieve long-lasting remission and improves the quality of patient’s life.

There are also medicamentous methods of sustaining the good condition of the patient. They should be prescribed by the doctor to have the pleasant influence on the organism state.

Treatment should be conducted as it has been worked out with the doctor exactly because only such a method may help to achieve the best results in treatment. Glucocorticoids, vaccines, antibiotics, mucolytics, anti-oxidizing agents and immune regulators are applied at chronic obstructive lung disease treatment. All these drugs may be ordered as it was mentioned above via My Canadian Pharmacy.

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