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Nonasthmatic chronic cough: PATIENTS AND METHODS (4)

Airway inflammation

Sputum examination: Sputum was selected from the expectorate and processed as described elsewhere. The success of the selection was confirmed by a proportion of squamous epithelial cells of 5% or less. The concentration of ECP (|ig/L) in the thawed supernatant was determinated using a sensitive radioimmunoassay (RIA, Kabi Pharmacia Diagnostics AB, Uppsala, Sweden). Fibrinogen was measured by a ‘sandwich’ ELISA assay using a rabbit antihuman fibrinogen antibody (Dako A080, Dako Diagnostics Canada Inc, Mississauga, Ontario). Sputum albumin was determined by the standard method. Substance P was determined by a radioimmunoassay using an antisubstance P antibody 3.0 |iL immunoglobulin (Ig)G #1 and 2.5 |iL IgG #2 or less (Peninsula Laboratories, Belmont, California). IL-8 was measured by quantitative ‘sandwich’ enzyme immunoassay (Quantikine, R&D Systems Inc, Minneapolis, Minnesota). buy flovent inhaler

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