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Nonasthmatic chronic cough: PATIENTS AND METHODS (5)

The limits of detection for ECP, fibrinogen, IL-8 and substance P were 2.0 mg/mL, 0.79 mg/L, 25.6 pg/mL and 0.62 pg/mL, respectively. Data analysis: Clinical variables were summarized by means and 95% CI, except for PC20 data, which were log transformed and summarized by geometric mean. Sputum results were summarized by medians and interquartile range. Dependent variables with a non-normal distribution were log transformed before analysis. Between group differences of demographic characteristics and sputum measurements, with and without sputum neutrophilia, were examined by unpaired t test. The effects of treatments on the dependent variables were compared via differences in means obtained from a linear model using the general linear model procedure of SPSS (Advanced Statistics 7.5 for Windows, SPSS Inc, Chicago, Illinois) including two baseline covariates (smoking and duration of cough in years). ANOVA was used in a model to examine the effect of treatment within groups on dependent variables. Correlations between variables were estimated by Spearman rank correlation coefficients (rho). To avoid correlations occurring by chance, only those rho>0.50.ventolin inhaler

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