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Parthenogenetic Activation of Marmoset: DISCUSSION(2)


This may have been due to the age of the oocytes at treatment since aging affects the type of murine development after parthenogenetic activation, and meiotic spindles migrate to the center of mouse oocytes during the aging process. Increased immediate cleavage of mouse oocytes was observed after 36 h of in vitro culture, and this effect may also have occurred in marmoset oocytes but over a longer time span (3 days in vitro culture). The culture time required to observe this effect may be related to the length of the cell cycle in preimplantation stages: marmoset embryos take four days to reach the 8-cell stage, the same length of time taken for mouse embryos to reach the blastocyst stage. antibiotics levaquin

Histological analysis of recipient uteri after partheno-genone transfer showed invasion of syncytium into the stromal tissue of the endothelium, which indicated that parthe-nogenetic marmoset embryos developed and implanted. Postimplantation development of parthenogenetic marmoset fetuses appeared to be minimal, as only remnants of membranous material were present in the uterine lumen 33 days after ovulation. At what stage embryonic loss occurred is difficult to determine purely from the extent of syncytial invasion. The presence of mitotic bodies in the syncytium indicated that this invasion continued after loss of any tissue remaining in the uterine lumen.