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Parthenogenetic Activation of Marmoset: DISCUSSION(5)

De Groot et al. showed that the abundance of total p-subunit of CG in maternal serum is proportional to the number of paternal genomes carried by hy-datidiform moles (2 paternal), partial moles (2 paternal, 1 maternal), triploid conceptuses (2 maternal, 1 paternal), and normal conceptuses (1 paternal, 1 maternal). Additionally, the levels of p-hCG in the serum of human triploid con-ceptuses with one paternal and two maternal genomes are abnormally low compared to those that carry two paternal genomes. Since parthenogenetic embryos do not carry paternal genomes, an imprinted gene for p-CG could explain the apparent absence of CG in the maternal plasma. Cheap Diskus Advair

Implantation of parthenogenetic embryos has been reported in other species. This is the first report of an embryo consisting of purely parthenogenetic cells being capable of implantation in primates, although a human parthenogenetic chimera has been reported. That primate embryos can implant without the participation of a paternal genome highlights the need to minimize levels of parthe-nogenetic activation associated with human assisted reproductive technologies that result in embryo transfer Parthe-nogenetic marmoset embryos provide a useful model system for elucidating the roles of the parental genomes in primate postimplantation development and may facilitate the investigation of the earliest signals for maternal recognition of pregnancy in primates.