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Parthenogenetic Activation of Marmoset: MATERIALS AND METHODS(1)


The experiments reported here were carried out using parous common marmoset monkeys that were housed at The Institute of Zoology, London, under conditions previously described. The animals were housed and cared for according to U.K. Home Office regulations (Animals [Scientific Procedures] Act 1986) and kept either in breeding pairs or in family groups. The investigations described in this manuscript were conducted in accordance with the Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of Research Animals promulgated by the Society for the Study of Reproduction. Buy Advair Diskus Online

Synchronization of Oocyte Donors

Marmosets have a 27- to 29-day ovarian cycle with a follicular phase of 8-10 days and a luteal phase of 18-20 days. Animals received 0.5 ^g cloprostenol, a prostaglandin F2a analogue (Estrumate; Coopers Animal Health, Bristol, UK), by intramuscular injection at 0900 h between Days 15 and 24 after ovulation. This caused premature lu-teolysis and effectively reset the cycle to the beginning of the follicular phase. At 1300 h, 7 days after cloprostenol administration, the animals received an i.m. injection of 75 IU of hCG (Chorulon; Centaur, Somerset, UK). Laparotomy was carried out between 1000 and 1300 h, 20-24 h post-hCG injection.