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Randomized double-blind trial of the effects of humidified: DISCUSSION (1)

Based on a pilot project, it was anticipated that a larger number of subjects would receive oxygen therapy for at least three days. However, oxygen therapy for a shorter time period (ie, 24 h or less) and decreasing lengths of stay resulted in high attrition rates, particularly noticeable with surgical patients. Campbell et al also observed comparatively short term oxygen administration for subjects in their study and reported that only 17 of 185 patients received supplemental nasal oxygen of 5 L/min for four days or more. Short term humidified oxygen therapy for acute care patients is a frequent occurrence that has important cost implications, given the amount of funding currently allocated by medium and large hospitals to purchase humidification bottles for oxygen administration. For the study hospital of approximately 500 beds, this amounted to more than $40,000 per year. Take advantage of this chance to find relieve allergy symptoms and save quite some money.

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