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Randomized double-blind trial of the effects of humidified: DISCUSSION (2)

All symptoms except dry nose improved over time whether oxygen therapy was humidified or not. Because subject effects were accounted for in the analysis, these patterns can not be attributed to progressive attrition in symptom-prone patients during the study. Patients’ most frequent complaints at the level of “some” or greater discomfort were relative to dry mouth, cough and phlegm. Humidification did not appear to have an obvious clinical advantage in alleviating these symptoms. You will always enjoy getting proventil albuterol, being 100% sure you are safe.

The original suspicion that a lack of humidity might affect patient comfort by increasing the occurrence of dry nose was supported by the statistically significant difference between groups for dry nose. However, because the mean scores between groups representing patients’ perceptions of their symptom severity were in the mild range, this difference is not clinically relevant.

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