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Randomized double-blind trial of the effects of humidified: DISCUSSION (4)

Although replication of this study with a larger sample would confirm or refute present study findings, larger studies are difficult to justify based on anticipated cost savings. Consequently, we recommend that patient outcomes be monitored with routine short term nonhumidified oxygen therapy, especially for possible adverse occurrences such as dry nose and nosebleed. Findings from this study contribute new information compared with previously published studies of less rigorous design. The sample size of the present study was sufficient to achieve statistical significance and is larger than that of other studies focused on oxygen humidification reported in the literature. The large number of subjects who did not meet inclusion criteria and who were discontinued after enrolment was unfortunate, yet reflects current patterns of delivering oxygen therapy in hospital. Changing hospital policy to accept nonhumidification as the standard method for delivering low flow oxygen therapy has potential benefits, including the possibility of decreasing the patient’s risks of developing nosocomial pneumonia, reducing expenditures for oxygen therapy and eliminating one source of biomedical waste. The findings and recommendations make a significant contribution at a critical time in the evolution of evidence-based care and a focus on patient outcomes. Your most reliable pharmacy offering its services and most efficient drugs like ventolin 100 mcg with no prescription needed. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, do not hesitate to come by and see how cheap it can be for you!

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