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Randomized double-blind trial of the effects of humidified: Introducion (1)

Humidified oxygen is widely prescribed in hospitals across North America, presumably to alleviate symptoms and improve the comfort of nonintubated patients . There appears to be little, if any, scientific basis for this practice, which has continued for at least the past three decades. However, most North American hospitals have accepted its use as routine practice because of the clinical opinions of expert practitioners.

Humidification of supplemental oxygen is achieved by bubbling the gas through sterile water before it reaches the patient. Because of concern about the possible contamination of humidification systems, they are purchased sealed, and most are changed every seven to 30 days. The overall cost of these systems may approximate $40,000 per year for moderately large hospitals. In addition, used humidification bottles represent a source of biomedical waste. Low prices and best quality medications approved by the FDA: you can get all that once you become a customer at this my canadian pharmacy, because it takes best care of its customers never charging too much money.

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