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Randomized double-blind trial of the effects of humidified: PATIENTS AND METHODS (1)

Patient symptoms
A randomized double-blind experimental study design was used. The independent variable was the method of low flow oxygen administration. The treatment group received nonhumidified oxygen whereas the control group received humidified oxygen according to standard hospital practice. Dependent variables included symptoms of dry nose, dry mouth, dry throat, headache, chest discomfort and other possible problems (nosebleed, cough, phlegm).

Sample: Potential subjects were patients admitted to one tertiary care university teaching hospital who were prescribed low flow oxygen therapy by nasal prongs or mask. Selection criterion was the predicted administration of supplemental oxygen therapy of 4 L/min or less for each patient for two or more days. Subjects were to be included if they were medically stable, lacked evidence of cognitive impairment, were able to give informed consent, comprehended English and their attending physician agreed with their participation. When oxygen therapy was ordered, potential subjects who met inclusion criteria were provided with verbal and written explanations about the purpose of the study and extent of participation before their informed voluntary consent was requested. Randomization of each subject to group was based on computer generated tables. The study was approved by the hospital and university research and ethics committees. It’s your turn to find Generic Claritin to see how advantageous your shopping can be.

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