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Rat Testis Motor Proteins Associated with Spermatid Translocation: DISCUSSION(4)

Significantly, changes in the distribution of this immunoreactivity during spermatogenesis indicate further that an isoform of dynein may be recruited to these regions just before spermatid translocation. In fixed frozen sections of rat testis, the probe for IC74 accumulated in cytoplasmic areas adjacent to the crypts as spermatids moved deep into the crypts and was dramatically present in these regions just before movement of spermatids apically. buy yasmin online

Results of the immunofluorescence experiments, particularly of those involving spermatids mechanically dissociated from the epithelium, and of the gelsolin experiments are consistent with the proposal that an isoform of cytoplasmic dynein is related to the specialized junction plaques associated with spermatid translocation. The finding that staining with the dynein probe occurs in a linear pattern that is in some cases correlated with the distribution of actin filaments within junction plaques is very suggestive of a morphological relationship with the plaques. In testicular sections, staining in regions that are directly associated with elongate and mature spermatid heads, and that label heavily with fluorescent phallotoxins for actin in Sertoli cell adhesion junctions, also is consistent with dynein’s localization to junction plaques.