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Rat Testis Motor Proteins Associated with Spermatid Translocation: DISCUSSION(5)


The finding that disassembly of the junction plaques with gelsolin increased the amount of dynein (IC74) detected in supernatants collected from epithelial fractions enriched for spermatid/junction complexes also supports the argument that the motor is located on the plaques; however, the data from these experiments are equivocal. Although less likely than the release of dynein from the actin-containing junction plaques, it is possible that IC74 in the su-pernatants from gelsolin-treated material was in some way released from contaminating manchettes in gelsolin-treated material. buy flovent inhaler

This alternative explanation has some merit because kinesin-II, found in sperm tails, also increases in su-pernatants collected from material treated with gelsolin, although to a lesser extent and with less consistency than dynein. The presence of kinesin-II in the low-speed super-natants could have been due to contaminating spermatid tails that had separated from the heads and remained suspended in solution, or to protein that had been solubilized from spermatid tails during the protocol. Together with the fluorescence data, results from the gelsolin experiments are generally consistent with the proposal that a dynein is associated with the specialized junction plaques involved with spermatid translocation.