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Rat Testis Motor Proteins Associated with Spermatid Translocation (Dynein) and Spermatid Flagella (Kinesin-II)(2)

Cytoskeletal structures in the mammalian testis are involved in many processes including Sertoli cell transport functions as well as germ cell mitosis/meiosis, nuclear shaping, and flagella formation. The Sertoli cell cytoskel-eton is remarkably complex and morphologically related to a number of events involving spermatogenic cells. One of the more dramatic of these events is the movement or translocation of spermatids to the base and then back to the apex of the epithelium. This change in position occurs after spermatids have acquired an elongate shape and while they occur within, and are attached to, apical invaginations (crypts) of Sertoli cells. The physiological significance of this translocation event is not known. buy ventolin inhalers

The process may serve to increase the amount of surface contact for exchange between Sertoli cells and spermatids, or it may simply function to increase support for spermatids during the elongation phase of spermiogenesis. Whatever the function, the mechanism for this translocation event has been proposed elsewhere to involve the movement of unique intercellular adhesion plaques in Sertoli cells along adjacent microtubule tracts.