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Spectroscopic approach to capillary-alveolar membrane damage: APPENDIX (1)

Lung injury

Feature space reduction: A problem when applying linear disciminant analysis to IR spectra is dimensionality. Generally, the spectra to be analyzed consist of many attributes (number of data points) compared with a relatively small number of patients, which form a sparse set in a high-dimension. To circumvent this, an ‘attribute selection’ methodology for spectral feature selection was used, that reduces the dimension (number of data points) by selecting certain subregions in the spectral range of interest that contain the most diagnostic information for the classification. buy levaquin online
Training set: Two groups, a HES-containing (leak group) and a HES-free (nonleak group), each consisting of 100 spectra, were used. There were 14 patients in the HES-free group, primarily postoperative and trauma patients with near normal pulmonary function and normal or near normal chest x-rays; these patients were not infused with HES. From the training set, HES-containing spectra were then generated by combining the HES-free spectra with the spectrum of HES, using different mixing factors.

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