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Spectroscopic approach to capillary-alveolar membrane damage: CONCLUSIONS (2)

Spectral normalization: A major problem for the classification of bronchial washing spectra is the large variation in absorption intensities due to the unknown dilution factor involved in sample collection. Therefore, the influence of this unknown dilution factor must be eliminated. One way to address this problem is band-area normalization, which is based on an integration method. First, one has to define an area that remains constant in the spectroscopic region of interest so that every spectrum can be ra-tioed to this area; thus, a fraction factor is obtained. buy ampicillin
The ‘normalized’ spectrum is then obtained by multiplying the original spectrum with this fraction factor. This treatment retains the band shape, but offsets all spectra to a reference value and can be viewed as a mathematical process of correcting the dilution factors.

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