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Spectroscopic approach to capillary-alveolar membrane damage: PATIENTS AND METHODS (4)

Lung injury

It is based on the determination of discriminatory features in a set of reference spectra, known as the training set. The training set is then used to set up a class model in which the discriminatory features can be used to classify new unknown objects. The features that are used for spectral classification can be a combination of specific peak frequencies, absorption bandwidth or relative intensities that uniquely characterize the spectral data set in a given class. In this approach, the classification scheme is known a priori and the problem is to devise rules for assigning unclassified individual objects to one of the known classes, ie, predicting the unknowns from the known classes. Because this method was used to determine the HES presence in a patient’s bronchial washing fluid, the training set had to represent the two groups of patients, the leak and the nonleak population, and allow the spectral characteristics of each group to be determined. Details regarding the spectral normalization and feature space reduction are given in the Appendix. buy levaquin online

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