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Spectroscopic approach to capillary-alveolar membrane damage: RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (1)

IR spectroscopic characterization of bronchial washings:

The IR spectra of bronchial washings share many common features with the spectra of other biofluids such as plasma and bronchial alveolar lavage (BAL) fluid. Typical spectra of bronchial washings from noninjury and injured patients are illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. The major absorption bands in these spectra arise from the protein and lipid components in the fluid . Specific chemical groups in these biomolecules give rise to characteristic absorptions, exemplified by the strong protein bands at 1550 and 1650 cm-1. The distinct feature of PENTASPAN in the region of 980 to 1180 cm-1 (shaded area in Figure 2) is characteristic of starches such as HES and consists of IR bands arising from complex vibrations of the sugar ring. The spectrum of a patient’s bronchial washing with no apparent lung injury, 4 h after receiving 500 mL of PENTASPAN (Figure 1B), showed no significant HES accumulation compared with the matched plasma spectrum (Figure 1A). Figure 2 compares IR spectra of plasma, bronchial washing and lung fluid from an ARDS patient. The spectra of lung fluid and bronchial washing are similar, particularly in the sugar region, suggesting that the determination of HES alveolar leakage can be done equally well by analyzing bronchial washings from ALI/ARDS patients. buy ampicillin

Figure 1. Spectroscopic approach
Figure 1) Infrared spectra of plasma (A) and of bronchial washing fluid (B) from a noninjury patient, 4 h after receiving 500 mL of PENTASPAN, and for comparison a spectrum of pure PENTAS-PAN (C)

Figure 2. Spectroscopic approach
Figure 2) Infrared spectra of plasma (A) and bronchial washing fluid (B) from an acute (or adult) respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patient with extensive PENTASPANloading, along with the lung fluid spectrum from the same patient (C)

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