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Stage-Dependent Accumulation of Cadmium: RESULTS(4)

Effects of Pretreatment with Radioinert CdCl2 on 109Cd Distribution in Testis and Control Tissues (Fig. 4; Table 1)

Pretreatment with radioinert CdCl2 2 or 6 days before tracer injection significantly reduced 24-h accumulations of 109Cd in all testicular zones except GZ but did not alter the stage-related pattern (Fig. 4A). Prior Cd exposure did not affect the total percentage of tracer accounted for or the fractional recovery and the measured 109Cd concentrations in most extragonadal tissues (Fig. 4B; Table 1). Exceptions were liver and plasma. CdCl2 pretreatment significantly reduced hepatic tracer accumulation (Fig. 4B) and elevated 109Cd levels in plasma from 1960 ± 127 cpm/g in controls to 5368 ± 1948 cpm/g at 3 days and 4743 ± 569 cpm/g at 7 days after CdCl2, but it did not change whole blood concentrations (6176 ± 1083, 5150 ± 1345, and 4198 ± 485 cpm/g in, respectively, controls and at 3 and 7 days after CdCl2). This implies a shift of Cd-binding components from blood cells to plasma. antibiotics levaquin

Radioinert Cd Levels in Testis and Control Tissues (Fig. 5)

When actual Cd levels were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in tissues of wild-caught animals, the intratesticular gradient was like that seen after 109Cd injection (immature > mature), but zonal differences measured by ANOVA were not significant due to high an-imal-to-animal variability and measurements close to detection limits. A single injection of CdCl2 3 days prior to death dramatically increased testicular Cd.
Fig4Stage-Dependent Accumulation
FIG. 4. Effects of Cd pretreatment on stage-related distribution of 109Cd in A) male reproductive organs and B) control tissues. Note scale difference between A and B. Animals received a single injection of CdCl2 3 or 7 days before being killed and a tracer dose of 109Cd during the last 24 h. Values represent the mean and SEM of 3 animals, each determined in triplicate. Statistical analysis was performed as described for Figure 3.

Fig5Stage-Dependent Accumulation
FIG. 5. Differences in Cd concentrations and effects of Cd pretreatment in A) the testis by stage and B) control tissues. Animals were untreated or were given a single injection of CdCl2 3 days before being killed. Values represent the mean and SEM of 3 animals, each determined in triplicate. A) Significance was determined by two-way ANOVA as a function of testicular region (p < 0.001), treatment (p < 0.001), and interaction between the two variables (p < 0.001). Regional differences in a given treatment group were determined by a post hoc comparison test (p < 0.05), and those with different letters differed significantly: untreated, a; Cd treated, k-m. Within a given region, differences between untreated and Cd-treated animals are indicated by an asterisk. B) Statistical comparisons were not made between tissues. For a given tissue, differences between control and treated groups were determined by Student’s f-test (*, p < 0.05).