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Staging lung cancer: Current controversies and strategies (1)

Lung cancer

Staging has been called the key to the rational management of lung cancer. Recognizing that complete resection is the best treatment for nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC), staging is performed with the following goals in mind: identify patients most likely to benefit from complete resection; keep the incidence of ‘nontherapeutic’ thoracotomies as low as possible, ideally 9%; ensure that no patient be denied the chance of a curative resection on the basis of indeterminate radiographical or clinical findings alone; identify candidates for neoadjuvant protocols; and obtain prognostic information. The aim of this paper is to review and compare the available methods of staging when presented with a patient with a known diagnosis of lung cancer, and to discuss their relative merits in different clinical settings. The internet’s most trusted pharmacy is looking forward to having you among its customers: just see how cheap and easy it can be for you to get ventolin inhaler without any kind of prescription and start your shopping being sure you are protected every time.

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