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Staging lung cancer: METHODS OF STAGING (11)

It is routine to include the upper abdomen in the CT evaluation of pulmonary malignancies. Approximately 7% of patients have evidence of adrenal or hepatic involvement . The risk of adrenal enlargement due to a metastasis increases if the adrenal is greater than 3 cm in diameter. Suspicious lesions must be confirmed by biopsy before denying an otherwise resectable patient an opportunity for curative surgery. For you to never have to think about your health problem again, *pharmacy is the place you have to visit. Choose from the extensive list of most efficient medications that cost less money than anywhere else.

Many centres feel that it is not warranted to obtain routine bone scans or head CTs in patients with NSCLC that appear to be resectable without laboratory or clinical evidence of metastases . Others feel that all nonsquamous NSCLC, as well as all stage III tumours, should have routine cerebral imaging because of the greater propensity for microscopic early spread . A positive bone scan should be followed by appropriate correlative plain radiographs for confirmation. A negative radiograph in the presence of a positive bone scan does not exclude metastatic disease, and further investigation, including MRI, CT or biopsy, may be required.

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