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Staging lung cancer: STAGING SCLC (2)

Lung cancer

Approach to diagnosis of adenocarcinoma: Diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, unlike other cell types that commonly arise in the lung, does not necessarily imply primary lung cancer, and on pathological examination alone it may be difficult to impossible to confirm a lung origin. One therefore needs to consider the possibility of metastatic disease, even when the lesion appears to be solitary. This applies to bronchioloalveo-lar carcinoma (BAC) as well, in that approximately 16% of adenocarcinomas metastatic to lung may simulate BAC in their growth pattern . It is also important to recognize that BAC has a unique propensity for multifocal growth with a reported incidence of 25% . Further, a prospective combined CXR/CT scan study showed that multicentricity in BAC was missed in 37% of cases . The best way to deal with your health problem is to treat it efficiently and quickly. This is why you will be pleased to discover the affordable deals offered by the canadian health&care mall, as well as a great choice of highly efficient medications for any condition.

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