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Children With Asthma: ETS reduction intervention

An intervention of this nature might have greater acceptance in a clinical (ie, nonresearch) setting, where meetings with the nurse could be approached as a normal component of the care of children with asthma. A research setting poses special challenges Read More

Children With Asthma: Study Participation and Generalization of the Results

Wilson et al reported that maternal smokers were less likely than nonsmokers to enroll in an asthma education research study and, if enrolled and randomized to the intervention, were less likely to attend education sessions than were nonsmokers. We observed Read More

Children With Asthma: Smoking by Other Family Members and Friends

The limitations of infrequent urine cotinine tests as a measure of typical exposure may seem to imply that providing feedback on cotinine levels as part of the intervention is questionable. However, the problems that arise in its use as an Read More

Children With Asthma: ETS exposure and disease

The present results pose a different issue. We have noted the possibility that the intervention improved health-care utilization through some mechanism other than ETS exposure reduction. However, the latter interpretation cannot be ruled out, especially given the relatively large effect Read More

Children With Asthma: Methodologic Issues

Resolving the questions on which this study fails to be statistically clear (ie, on the questions of the mechanism) will require further controlled trials in which objective data are concurrently gathered on family asthma-management behaviors (eg, medication adherence and other Read More

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