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Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: DISCUSSION(2)

Ovarian fragments implanted intramuscularly showed much better follicular maintenance. Many follicles, from the primordial through the antral stages of development, could be found in the implant, suggesting recovery of ovarian function. At 6 days after implantation, the vasculature in the Read More

Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: DISCUSSION(1)

The role of vascularization in ovarian transplantation was studied here on a model system in which fresh fragments of rat ovaries (donor) were xenografted into female CD-1 nude mice (recipient). Two transplantation sites were compared, subcutaneous and intramuscular. Ovarian maintenance Read More

Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: RESULTS(3)

Kinetic Studies of Intramuscular Ovarian Transplantation The subcutaneous grafts showed extensive damage during the first days after transplantation. Therefore, the intramuscular grafts were assessed at different time periods, from 1 to 31 days posttransplantation (Fig. 3). Half ovaries were transplanted Read More

Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: RESULTS(1)

Subcutaneous Ovarian Transplantation Ovaries of 15-day-old Wistar rats contain primordial, primary, and small antral follicles (Fig. 1A). The GSL-1 staining represents staining of endothelial cells (e.g., Fig. 1B) and aSMA staining represents SMC and pericytes (e.g., Fig. 1C). Subcutaneous half ovarian Read More

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