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Loss of Nectin-2 at Sertoli-Spermatid: DISCUSSION(3)

The differentiating germ cells evade autoimmune recognition by translocating to the immune-privileged adlu-minal compartment, which is separated from the basal compartment by the Sertoli cell-maintained junctional complexes of the BTB. This translocation requires the concerted action of breaking the tight Read More

Loss of Nectin-2 at Sertoli-Spermatid: DISCUSSION(1)

Spermatogenesis, the progression from a diploid sper-matogenic stem cell to a highly specialized, motile, flagellated, haploid cell (i.e., the spermatozoon), presents one of the most dramatic differentiation processes in biology. This metamorphosis depends on a complex relationship between the differentiating Read More

Loss of Nectin-2 at Sertoli-Spermatid: RESULTS(10)

Espin Fails to Localize at Sertoli-Spermatid Junctions in Nectin-2LacZ/LacZ Testis The data presented above and our earlier results suggest that Sertoli-spermatid junctions form improperly in nec-tin-2LacZ/LacZ testis. Furthermore, we have shown that actin assembly in Sertoli cells of nectin-2LacZ/LacZmice is Read More

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