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Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: DISCUSSION(1)

The role of vascularization in ovarian transplantation was studied here on a model system in which fresh fragments of rat ovaries (donor) were xenografted into female CD-1 nude mice (recipient). Two transplantation sites were compared, subcutaneous and intramuscular. Ovarian maintenance was markedly better in the intramuscular transplants. The rich blood supply within the muscle provided superior graft reception compared with that observed for the relatively poor supply of blood in the subcutaneous region. Substantial necrotic areas were detected in all the subcutaneous ovarian grafts, mainly in the medullar regions of the graft.

In both subcutaneous and intramuscular transplantations sites, tissue damage was apparent in the ovarian medulla within 24-48 h after the grafting. These first hours are probably the time period during which substantial damage occurs, mainly due to ischemia-reperfusion injuries. During this stage, the graft must receive adequate blood supply, without which it will suffer extensive irreversible damage. It seems that the muscle environment meets this condition for sufficient blood supply while the subcutaneous site does not. glucophage xr 500mg