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Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis: MATERIALS AND METHODS(2)

In all transplantations, one ovary piece was transplanted into each mouse. In the subcutaneous transplantation, half ovaries were transplanted into 13 mice (Table 1). The ovaries were retrieved between Days 1 and 24 after transplantation. In the intramuscular ovarian transplantation, half ovaries were transplanted into 31 mice (Table 1). The grafts were retrieved between Days 1 and 31 after transplantation. In addition, different sizes of intramuscular ovarian grafts, obtained by cutting the ovary by fine tweezers under a binocular microscope, were studied by MRI (see below) and retrieved after 5-35 days. The grafts ranged from intact (6 mm3) to 1/8 ovary (0.75 mm3; Table 1). cheap wellbutrin

In Vivo MRI Studies

MRI experiments were performed on a horizontal 4.7 T Bruker (Karlsruhe, Germany) Biospec spectrometer using an actively decoupled 1.5-cm surface coil embedded in a Perspex board and a birdcage transmission coil.

Mice, 28 day (n = 3) and 35 day (n = 4) after intramuscular ovarian transplantation, were anesthetized as described above. Anesthetized mice were placed supine with the graft located above the center of the surface coil. The mice were immobilized using adhesive tape and covered with a paper blanket in order to reduce temperature drop during the measurement.